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Hi. This site is a platform for some pictures I took several years ago while staying at  Kungkungan Bay Resort  in the Lembeh Strait. These 252 are my choices from the thousands I have in total.

Reducing the images to acceptable file sizes means some aren't displayed in their full glory however switch to hi-res and the quality will improve. Zoom in on a pygmy seahorse's eye - it's only 0.5mm! Check out the skeleton shrimp too. That was only 1cm long! So all in all the images aren't too bad.

If you are a diver then do consider a visit and experience muck diving. You may be luckier than me and spot a wonderpus or the incredibly rare hairy pygmy whale shark...... shocked

If you have any comments or queries you can contact me at  but if you don't then I hope you enjoyed this selection of Lembeh Strait's famous critters.



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